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The Company | History
photos: Wilian Aguiar | Silvia Machado | Marcela Benvegnu
Cia de Dana
Photos: Wilian Aguiar, Silvia Machado, Alceu Bett.
Founded in January 2008 by the Government of the State of São Paulo, São Paulo Companhia de Dança is directed by Inês Bogéa, Ph.D. in Arts, documentary filmmaker and writer. Throughout this period, it has been seen by an audience of more than 340.000 people in six different countries, experiencing approximately 60 cities, totaling more than 390 presentations.

The Company has a varied repertoire, ranging from classical to contemporary. In 2014, its brand of innovation and tradition continues with six new premieres. Highlights for La Sylphide (1836), by Mario Galizzi from the original of Auguste Bournonville (1805-1879) - a hallmark of the romantic ballet. Galizzi will also restage the great classic The Black Swan Pas de Deux (1876), from the original of Marius Petipa (1818-1910) and Le Spectre de La Rose (1911), from the original of Michel Fokine (1880-1942) - in a modern classical ballet. The Company will also have a unique piece created by renowned choreographer Édouard Lock, with original music of Gavin Bryars - a reinterpretation of the 4 seasons of Vivaldi, for string quintet; as well as a restage of workwithinwork, from choreographer Wiliam Forsythe. The third edition of the Workshop of Brazilian Choreographers will have two works by young choreographers Rafael Gomes and Cassilene Abranches.
In addition to presentations in cities in the state of São Paulo in 2014, São Paulo Dance Company will circulate in brazilian capitals and countries such as Germany, Austria, Chile, Italy and Israel. The SPDC also launched his second campaign for signatures at Sérgio Cardoso Theater. Dance has many stories and to reveal some of them the Company created the documentary series Figuras da Dança which brings you the art told by those who lived it. The series has already 26 episodes and at the end of 2014 there’ll be 30 titles released. This year you will know the careers of Paul Pederneiras, Eliana Caminada, Jair Moares and Mara Borba. The SPDC also produces documentary series Canteiro de Obras and books of essays.

The Educational Programs and Audience Formation for Dance are also strong strands that come along with the Company. Each city where we present we find people who appreciate and practice the art of dance. In the Lecture for Educators, we have the opportunity to dialogue on the sidelines of the art, in Dance Workshops, an encounter with dance students and the SPCD teachers; in the Open Performance for Students the proposal is to see, hear and understand the world of dance. Dance Network is a dancing encyclopedia available online on the Company website, the idea is to map the dance of each city we have been to.
The SPCD searches for a connection with the audience by passion, curiosity and perception of the dance world in motion. The Company is a meeting place of distinct artists – such as choreographers, light designers, photographers, guest lecturers, restagers, writers, artists, cartoonists, musicians, costume designers and others - so that we can think of a Brazilian project on dance.

Três Rios Street, 363 | First floor | Bom Retiro
Brazil | São Paulo - SP
Postal code: 01123-001
Phone number: +55 11 3224-1380

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