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Educational Programs and Audience Formation for Dance | Open Performance for Students
Photos: Reginaldo Azevedo
The São Paulo Companhia de Dança dance education and audience instruction programs have been designed to bridge the distance between the public at large and the dance realm by means of lectures, performances and open rehearsals that show the process of preparation and production of the different spectacles. Dance workshops conducted by SPCD masters are also integral parts of these programs.
Education/instruction program attendees are invited to watch not only the final result of the spectacle production but also to accompany its intermediary stages, besides visiting backstage areas, learning about technical and artistic aspects of a dance performance, as well as the historical and artistic context of the featured works.
In the dance performances for students, pupils receive instructions from their teachers prior to coming into contact with the process of creating and staging SPCD spectacles. At the event, besides watching the performance of a few choreographies of the given season, attendees become acquainted with the backstage, either through documentary videos or guided tours. The printed materials especially produced for the education and instruction programs include collaborations from renowned cartoonists and is designed to render the information easily apprehensible, in fun manner, by students of all ages.
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