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J.C. Violla
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I didn’t know I would be a dancer, it was random. I wanted to be a singer.
Miriam Muniz called me to do the body preparation of Elis Regina and her musicians in 1975. They were going to do a show which is a memorable one until nowadays - O Falso Brilhante - perhaps the most succesfull show of Elis Regina.
I always prepare myself. I teach for over 30 years. Whenever I 'm on vacation and I'll go back to the classroom I get anxious and nervous with the first week of classes.
I had in mind for a while that I wanted to learn to dance Chula, which is a very difficult dance. I wanted to learn Chula and other styles because Brazil has such beautiful dance styles. I am very grateful to those people who taught the dance styles as they are originally .
I think my work gave the possibility to common people dance here in São Paulo.
I started doing the Lords of Shadow - Latest Saints. They were dancing an alternative activity and I was very lucky because they regarded very seriously.
In my work I always needed the public and the audience. I want to see the audience smiling, laughing about something I did, or taking a fright or somehow feel thrilled. I’m concern about the public.
If you want to be a dancer then be it. Because dancing is delightful. But it’s also a tough career because it can be short, depending on what you choose.
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