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Janice Vieira
Fotos: Equipe SPCD

At age of fifteen I heard on the radio that Teatro Colón had opened auditions for dancers. I traveled to Buenos Aires and enrolled for it. I got home super happy and told my mother. And what happened? They did not let me go. I lost the audition.
I remember when we arrived in Cuba. Fidel sent for all the guys a box full of cigars and for the women, an orchid. That was when the ballet of Cuba had Just arrived from a trip from Latin America that had been very successful. We danced with them and taught Latin American dance style to chineses from Peking Opera and they taught us Chinese dance styles.
In 1976 we went to see Oscar (Araiz) in Buenos Aires and then Oscar came with his team and Maria Maria came up. We premiered on april 4th of 1976 at the Palace of Arts and it was a success that we never imagined.
I don’t want to stop working. I like to work because if you work your mind is always working out that’s why I want to learn Japanese so that my mind does not wither.
I'm proud of my life. I always tell the dancers: when I die I’ll reborn, choose a pointe shoe, a mesh, a tutu, and start dancing again.
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