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Eva Schul
Fotos: Diego Bandeira e Equipe SPCD
The more I get to spread or influence people with this little bug of instigation, curiosity, the happier I'll be. There’s no point in shutting myself in a place, a room and work with a single group because it is very limited. It makes me very happy to have the opportunity to dialogue with so many different people.
I really like to talk about humanities. What the human being is today in relation to the world he lives in.
I also love to talk about the female side.
I really like the exchange. I guess I cannot be the owner of any truth and I cannot think I'm a genius and my work is exceptional or that what I do is better than
the other one.
The contributions that one can give me have always been fundamental to me as I work as a choreographer and love to experience this exchange since the beginning. So I always thought it was important that people were able from the start to be creative and have their own voice.
I believe that my great work is to be a teacher and I like it a lot because it is what brings me the greatest recognition.
I don’t make a big deal of it as I was predestined. It’s a pleasure that I can not put into words, it’s a joy to be able to do it. It’s life.
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