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Célia Gouvêa (1949)
Fotos: Leonardo Franco
There were many personalities in the group, each one wanted a line, one more poetical, other more political, and Béjart once said: 'You all have strong personalities and would make a lot more if each one of you went to one side of the world and developed your own way', and that's when I decided to come back.
I used to go to Galpão Theater in the morning and came back at midnight. That was my second home. Before, we had the theater, perhaps, a small budget and that inspired enthusiasm to make three, four creations in a single year, without a sponsor. Today, it seems you can't do anything without any incentive law to support.
When I came back to Brazil, pregnant, I wanted to anchor. That's when I created a stable dance group. Poor illusion, it never had stability.
I have already worked in great and terrible conditions. I don't know if I was too young and romantic, but the institutional bond represented coercion, then, where I didn't have a penny to work, I had more freedom to do whatever I wanted. I always had such contradictions.
I don't like to use music as a carpet for dancing, as Balanchine used to say.
I call the creation of "down to hell", because it is not a smooth process, it is conflicting. Making theater is not a piece of cake. It is needed a deep dive inside yourself.
Vaneau wondered how would so many things come out of my mind even after so long, and I answered that it was like a bucket, you fill it up, fill it up and you have to throw the water away.
I was on the way to the theater, ashamed to get there with two children. So, I saw a sign on a house which said 'Take care of children', and then I stopped, went to see what it was like and thought 'I think this is reliable', and left my children there. When Naum knew about it, he made me go and get them at the same time. Nowadays, they are all grownups, well-structured and following their ways. It's not a drama, it makes part of our lives and the children incorporate it.
I had a professor who said that Béjart 'made holes in the sky', this expression came along with me throughout my life. I also want to make holes in the sky.
I want to make a compliment to Figuras da Dança, to this rescue that you are making, it is absolutely precious to us, and to our young country that has no tradition, no history. It is a great merit. Congratulations! I tip my hat off
to you!
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