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Cecília Kerche
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If I was not a dancer, I would be a dancer anyway. One can only dance, especially ballet unless you’re passionate for it. If you just like it then do something else. You have to really love it because it’s a profession that requires 100% of donation.
Being prime ballerina of a company means you’re the professional who has all the responsibility of representing the corps de ballet.
I always arrive three hours in advance at the theater. I love having my coffee and get my make-up done slowly, then warm up, prepare the pointe shoe, put breu inside the pointe shoe so that the foot does not slip and then warm up a little bit more, go to the backstage, walking from one side to another and finally step on stage.
Minutes before going on stage I like to be quiet and concentrating on what I have to actually do on stage. I no longer think about the choreography I just think I need to concentrate on what I have to do.
The dancer builds himself on stage. Being a dancer means being on stage. The classroom is for physical and artistic construction of the dancer but the career is on stage.
I think that's my philosophy, my way of life, everything is related to dance for me. I can not separate my life from the dance. Dancing is part of my life.
I don’t make a big deal of it as I was predestined. It’s a pleasure that I can not put into words, it’s a joy to be able to do it. It’s life.
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