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The productions, educational and memory projects, presentations and testimonies from people involved in the SPCD have been recorded over the years in a project by the director Inês Bogéa. "Through the art of documentary viewers get to know the Company's production of scenes, forms of work, performance, processes and results of our productions. And what we know can be closely appreciated. Viewers can also share some of the difficulties and pleasures of working for and with the dance, "says Inês. The Canteiro de Obras series is not marketed and is distributed to educational and cultural institutions, particularly those who rely on public library, as well as universities and NGOs. For more information, please contact


canteiro 2014


In the beginning of 2014, the members of São Paulo Dance Company (SPCD) received a challenge as a present: a small blank notebook. In this, diretor, dancers, choreographers, technicians and other employees of the Company tried to translate their experiences into words. Memories, expectations, tasks, difficulties, achievements... These notes make up the goal of this film, which deals with several facets of this multiple Company in an intimate, poetical and dynamic way. On one hand, following the restage of a classic from the nineteenth century – La Sylphide, by Mario Galizzi – and on the other, the process of creating a contemporary choreography – The Seasons, by Édouard Lock – we invite you to dive into the intense daily life of SPCD and discover the various steps and people involved in this constant creative process. From the rehearsal room the theater, going through trips, photo sessions, creations of scenarios and lighting, try to be alongside those who work behind the scenes to make the show happen. This film is part of the series Canteiro de Obras by SPCD created in 2008 and, nowadays, it has six documentaries. The programs are an exciting panorama of the operations of a dance company.
canteiro 2013


Work Site is a movie directed by Kiko Goifman and Jurandir Muller addressing under various perspectives the year of São Paulo Dance Company permeated by three major themes - love, life and death - in works such as Romeo and Juliet (2013), by Giovanni di Palma; Petite Mort (1991), by Jirí Kylián; Por Vos Muero (1996), by Nacho Duato, andPeekaboo (2013), by Marco Goecke. In the movie you can also see excerpts of other choreographies of the Company’s repertory.
canteiro 2012


Work Site is a film by Evaldo Mocarzel titled Essay on the Movement which reveals from different angles the inside story of São Paulo Dance Company in the year of 2012. During the movie you can see the following excerpts from the repertory such as: Two by Two [Grand Pas de Deux from The Nutcracker (1892) and Grand Pas de Deux from Don Quixote (1869)], Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated (1987), by William Forsythe; Ballet 101 (2006), by Eric Gauthier;Supernova (2005), by Marco Goecke and Bachiana N°1 (2012), a special creation of Rodrigo Pederneiras for the Company.
canteiro 2010


Canteiro de Obras 2010 shows from different angles behind the scenes of Os Duplos (2010), a creation of Mauricio de Oliveira, with music by André Abujamra and costumes by Jum Nakao, besides three well-known works from the international repertoire of the twentieth century: Theme and Variations (1947), by George Balanchine; Sechs Tänze (1986), by Jirí Kylián and Prélude à L'après-midi d'un Faune (1994), Marie Chouinard, plus testimonials from dancers of the Company, artistic director and the recording of the Company’s backstage productions of the year. This documentary was directed by Inês Bogéa and Moira Toledo.
canteiro 2009


Canteiro de Obras 2009 features to the viewers five new pieces that São Paulo Companhia de Dança created during 2009: Ballo, by Ricardo Scheir; Gnawa, by Nacho Duato; Passanoite, by Daniela Cardin, Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux, by George Balanchine and Polígono Revisitado, by Alessio Silvestrin. Besides the movie also shows the projects Corpo a Corpo com o Professor, Corpo a Corpo com Estudantes and Figuras da Dança. This documentary was directed by Inês Bogéa and Sergio Roizemblit.
canteiro 2008


Canteiro de Obras 2008 is divided in three documentaries. First Steps of São Paulo Companhia de Dança shows the behind the scenes of the creation of the Company and its release on January 28; Building Polígono - The premiere of the Company reveals behind the scenes of the first creation Polígono, by Alessio Silvestrin and third documentary: From XX to the XXI Century - Building Les Noces, Entreato, and Serenade presents to the viewers three representative pieces of key moments in dance history: Les Noces, by Bronislava Nijinska in (1891-1972); Serenade, by George Balanchine (1904-1983), plus a unique creation of the Brazilian Paulo Caldas, Entreato. This documentary was directed by Inês Bogéa e Antonio Carlos Rebesco (Pipoca).
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